5 Valuable Tips to Help You Make Better Decisions

high performance Nov 09, 2019
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We have choices each and every day for how we spend our time. But it's more important to do "the right things" than it is to simply achieve. We have to decide what the "right things" are!
It’s hard to know what decisions are worth investing our time making and which ones ultimately aren’t that important. We can spend our whole days doing, doing, and doing, but just because something is achievable, doesn’t mean it’s what is important. We can make dozens of decisions each day that have nothing to do with what's actually important in the long-run.
Our days consist of a series of decisions. Some decisions drastically impact our lives while others don’t have as much risk involved. For example, choosing what you want to eat for breakfast impacts your life a lot less than choosing to pay for that extra training or seminar to help get you to where you want to be in life.
So before you can learn tips for making decisions, it's important to weigh which decisions are "the right ones" to focus on!
Think about your day-to-day "to-dos." What are you currently choosing to do with your time that may not be important? What could you decide to do differently in your day that could serve you better in the end? Productivity is important, but it’s not beneficial if you’re being productive in the wrong areas.
Now that you've thought through what areas are most important to make the right decisions, it's time to go through some decision-making tips!

Understand the level of risk.

Spend a day or two acknowledging each and every decision you make. Pause when you notice yourself making a decision and then think through the level of “risk” involved in that decision. If the risk is low, then don’t spend too much time on that decision. If the risk is a little higher, then run it through an intentional decision-making process:
1. What motivation is there to make this decision?
2. Who will this decision impact?
3. What evidence and support are driving my decision making?
4. What will happen as a result of this decision?
5. How will this decision affect my future?
Answering these questions will help you be able to a) tell if the decision is an important one and b) give you support while you make the decision.

Create alternative choices.

Another important factor within your decision-making process is that you will often convince yourself there are two choices. It’s a "this or that" mentality. But that isn't always true! You have the power to create some alternative options! There can always be an alternative decision option that may make more sense and serve you better in the long run. Be open to discovering these alternatives!

Implement the six-hat solution.

Another helpful process for decision-making is the Six Hat Solution. Choose a scenario in your life where you’re having trouble coming up with a decision for a solution. Then run that scenario through the Six Hat Solution!
1. Look at the situation emotionally: What do your feelings tell you?
2. Look at the situation objectively: What are the facts?
3. Use a positive perspective. Which elements of the solution will work?
4. Use a negative perspective. Which elements of the solution won’t work?
5. Think creatively. What are some alternative ideas?
6. Think broadly. What is the best overall solution?

Narrow down the options.

Sometimes people are overwhelmed by the flooding of options there can be in a decision. In this case, it's important to narrow down the options by choosing the top ones and going from there.

Visualize the outcome.

When you can visualize the outcome from your decisions, you're able to see which decision is the right fit for what you want in life long-term. So think through the future of what that decision may lead to. It, of course, won't be completely accurate, but it should give you an idea and help you decide!
Remember you are one decision away from a totally different life.

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