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We take on your copywriting projects, marketing campaigns, social media strategy, and visibility so that you can get back to growing your business and serving your people.


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Want to increase sales? You need a messaging plan and greater visibility.


Here's the hard truth...potential clients don't understand or see the need for your product or service...YET!


-Your emails aren't grabbing their attention.

-Your website is too broad.

-Your words aren't matching the quality of your products or services.

-And you don't have a plan for how to get your product/service in front of the RIGHT people.

Words can be your greatest ally to sales or your greatest betrayer.


Stop with the free copy templates and discounted copywriters. They were great resources in the beginning, but you're past that now.

You need a marketing strategist, conversion copywriter, and visibility pro at your fingertips.

Let's work together so your business can gain the success it deserves.


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Introducing: Homegrown Writing Collective


Let us develop your message so that it’s clear, engaging, and evokes action— resulting in increased sales and loyal customers!

When you work with Homegrown Writing Collective, you will receive copy that stands out, causes your audience to take action, and converts to more $$$


You will also receive a strategic marketing strategy so you can stay in your sweet spot and let us handle the rest. You, email funnels, landing pages, social media, visibility...we got you!


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Increase Sales Conversion

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Meet Amanda Foust:


CEO | Marketing Expert | Certified Copywriter


Amanda's writing career has produced professional websites, email newsletters, marketing campaigns, and other content management opportunities all with the same purpose in mind -- to help businesses grow! She has contributed to various sites such as The Huffington Post, Forbes,, Scary Mommy, Red Tricycle, and many more publications! She is also a published children's book author. 

For six years she has played a lead role on teams that serve millions of people across their platforms. Amanda is a visionary, strategist, and relentless pursuer of excellence when it comes to her work.

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"I had the pleasure of working with Amanda for several months, and all I can say is wow! Amanda is a phenomenal writer, content creator, and person. She understands what it takes to help you get to the heart of your unique message.
If you want to grow your business, I highly recommend Amanda."

-David Mulvaney, Ray Edwards Copywriting Coach

“I manage SEO projects and we often need the services of skilled writers. While working on one of my client’s websites, I saw the writing that Amanda had done, and I was extremely impressed. I used to manage and edit a team of Web copywriters for Musician’s Friend and Guitar Center among other connected sites, and I’m notably particular about the writers I hire. So far, I have hired Amanda to write two distinct ongoing writing projects: 1) ghost-writing long-form business entrepreneurial articles getting published in the most prestigious of online magazines – such as Forbes, and 2) insightful short answers about business acumen, also for prestigious magazines. I have been highly satisfied with everything she has written for us so far. Amanda’s writing is engaging, thoughtful, perfectly articulate, well researched, beautifully formatted, and grammatically impeccable in an approachable and professional voice. In our email exchanges, she has been a very clear communicator, upbeat, and enjoyable to work with. She also has a lot of skills, knowledge, understanding, and expertise well beyond writing and those talents come across in the wisdom of her words. It has also been helpful that she is knowledgeable about various aspects of e-commerce and web-savvy as well. I would highly recommend Amanda’s writing work to anyone.”

—Michael R., SEO Project Manager at 180 Marketing

“I found Amanda through a recommendation of a friend. That was one of the life-changing days in my business. Amanda assisted with some copy on my website and with a blog post. She asked probing questions so that she could personalize my project. I knew the project was finished when I read it and it brought me to tears. Amanda’s communication, attention to detail, and her gift for writing were above my expectation and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

—Laura S. Author of Keeping It Real

“I had a last-minute project and desperately needed a copywriter, someone who was familiar with writing proposals. Amanda was Godsent. The fact that she was familiar with proposals and what the focus should be really helped in giving her the information she needed. Her patience, her professionalism was beyond my expectations. The one thing that left an impression on me about Amanda is that she truly cares about my project, she rooted for me and the turn around time made it possible for me to submit everything before the deadline. It was an absolute pleasure working with Amanda and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

—Webly A. Web-Designer, Online, and Social Media Strategist

“Amanda does incredible work! We connected over a quick phone call and just clicked. She has helped me with several projects – about me page for my website, SEO optimization for blogs, social media content. Everything has been done with minimal direction and with great quality. She is a true pro. Highly recommended!”

—Anna F. Olegana Travel Boutique

"Working with Amanda has been a dream! She is an incredibly gifted copywriter and goes above and beyond in how she delivers. It's so rare to find someone who can not only master the task but also take your vision to the next level. Amanda thinks big, produces quality content, and provides exceptional service. "

--Denae Hively CEO of The Hively Co.

"Working with Amanda was one of the best decisions I made surrounding the launch of my membership. Her copywriting was written in my unique style and captured the heart behind why I do what I do. Within an hour of her first email going out, I had sales and they continued steadily throughout the launch. The stress of launch was significantly reduced because I knew I had someone who cared for me and my business handling the copy for me! I am so grateful."

--Eva Kubasiak, Deep Dive Community

"Amanda was absolutely amazing to work with. I had complete trust in her as I saw her professionalism, support and creativity shine through her work. I highly recommend Amanda and her services. She has been a life savor, and a huge asset to my business. "

--Merilee Hennings, EverAfter Events

You can keep trying to make average mmarketing work for you, but you'll continue getting average sales.




You can partner with us TODAY so your customers and clients can see that your products and services are exactly what they are looking for.

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