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Meet the  team...

Why Homegrown?


Our clients come to us because they’re looking for…


  • Strategy either in marketing or in organizing/systematizing their business.

  • Understanding of the best marketing or organizational tools/strategies to get the best results (we stay in-the-know, so you don't have to).

  • Consistency so that you stay organized and in front of your audience at all times.

  • Expertise so that you have a team supporting you that you can confidently trust and rely on.

  • Independence - we manage ourselves, so you don't have to, and you can stay in your zone knowing the collective is managing your visibility and your sidekick (if you use us) has your organization and internal support covered.

We are a collective of people with the same mission in use our skills to make an impact in the world through the clients we support. We call ourselves Homegrown because we all work remotely and maintain an "at home" feel within our company...comfortable, safe, and life-giving.

There are 2 sides of the business...use 1 or BOTH!

the collective: A team that works together and runs marketing and visibility efforts for our clients.

sidekicks:  a 1:1 match with a business owner/entrepreneur to support the internal organization of your business.

Together we are the team you've been looking for all along!

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