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Your business needs a marketing plan if you want longevity and greater impact.

Ever run into these problems?

 Potential clients aren't finding you.

Your emails aren't grabbing their attention.

Your website is too broad.

Your words aren't matching the quality of your products or services.

You have no longterm visibility plan.

Let's work together so your business can gain the success it deserves.

Targeting your marketing to align with your vision and impact is key.

That's what  homegrown collective  will help you do!

Here are a few things you can get when you work with
homegrown collective

Marketing Strategy

Count on a strategy that hones in on your ideal customer/client's greatest needs and speaks to them in a way that shows them that they need what YOU have to offer!

Marketing Implementation

A strategy is difficult on its own if you don't have the time to implement it! That's why you hired us...a collective of marketing experts ready to execute on the strategy!

Visibility Efforts

This part is customizable between you and the marketing team at Homegrown Collective. We do this through social media, podcasting, speaking engagements, book launches and more!

Team Support

When we partner together, you will receive a team of 14 professionals supporting you and positioning you as a trusted expert in your field.

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Services Break-Down

Our services are all customizable.

Please contact us for our rates.

Because we offer such a hands-on approach with a team of experts, most of our packages start at $1,000+



-Email Newsletters

-Email Funnels

-Email Automations

Did you know an email list is one of the most profitable assets for your business? If you disagree, it's only because you haven't been doing it right *wink*

Our emails will nurture your audience and build authority in your field.  A well-nurtured email list is one of the best way to relationally market.


Amy Porterfield says, "Starting a healthy, intentional, and profitable email list means you no longer are worrying about how you will grow your business or how you will generate revenue, but instead, everything you create has more purpose and direction."


An email list prevents you from chasing clients and customers and allows you to nurture them instead. You provide value that builds trust and makes you the "go-to" in your niche.


Let us create value-soaked content for your business that serves your perfect client/customer. 


social media



-Facebook (Group Management)


Social media is often where potential clients/customers will find you. Don't let them down with social media posts that fall flat, and don't speak to them whatsoever.

And aren't you tired of having to remember to post when there are 1000 other things you'd rather be (and should be) doing? 

They say consistency is key...but it can feel impossible on your own.

If you want your brand to stand out, then you have to put the time and energy into good, quality social media content as well. Don't let your social media posts be all about you and your business. Instead, make it about your audience by posting content that resonates, and they will want to know more about your business automatically. Speaking of your audience...are you engaging with them? Because we help with that, too! Our engagement specialists use the inbox of your social media channels to connect with the right people to give you visibility opportunities and business prospects! 

All of this takes time and strategy, so let us help take your social media channels to the next level!


website revamp


Most websites are built out of urgency and don't take the time to be strategic. Don't let yours be one of them. Let us help customers/clients want to do business with you because of the strategy we put into the copy of your website. We want your ideal reader to feel like they belong just from reading your website!

-Homepage — Show off all you have to offer with a home page that is the "lobby" of your customer's dreams! They will want to take a look around and learn more because they will feel right at home!

-About Me Page — Tell your story and leave an impact. Position yourself as the expert guide and provide relatability to your ideal customer/client.

-Sales Page/Services Page — We have a formula for sales copy that converts. We have written countless sales pages, and we are confident we can help you, too!

-FAQ Page — Save yourself from the hassle of answering the same questions again and again. Let's get all the Q&A in writing!

-Landing Page - do you have a freebie, webinar, event, or something you want to use to capture email subscribers? Let us help! We can even connect this page with email sequences that drive new subscribers to your products/services.

Does one of these pages stand out as a "must-fix?" Don't do it alone!


podcast management



Script Writing




Guest Management

Do you currently run a podcast or WANT to launch one? The team at Homegrown manages podcasts from the script outlines all the way to the publishing and marketing of the episode! All you have to do is record, and we handle the rest! Want guests on your podcast? We take care of that too! Let us help find, equip, and provide the guests with everything they need to help you spread the word about their episode. We've left nothing out in our podcast management process and have been told by some of the best in the industry how we go "above and beyond" in our podcast delivery.

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You can keep trying to make average marketing work for you, but you'll continue making an average impact.
You can partner with the  collective  TODAY so your customers and clients can see that your products and services are exactly what they are looking for.

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Don't just take our word for it...

“I manage SEO projects and we often need the services of skilled writers. While working on one of my client’s websites, I saw the writing that Amanda had done, and I was extremely impressed. I used to manage and edit a team of Web copywriters for Musician’s Friend and Guitar Center among other connected sites, and I’m notably particular about the writers I hire. So far, I have hired Amanda to write two distinct ongoing writing projects: 1) ghost-writing long-form business entrepreneurial articles getting published in the most prestigious of online magazines – such as Forbes, and 2) insightful short answers about business acumen, also for prestigious magazines. I have been highly satisfied with everything she has written for us so far. Amanda’s writing is engaging, thoughtful, perfectly articulate, well researched, beautifully formatted, and grammatically impeccable in an approachable and professional voice. In our email exchanges, she has been a very clear communicator, upbeat, and enjoyable to work with. She also has a lot of skills, knowledge, understanding, and expertise well beyond writing and those talents come across in the wisdom of her words. It has also been helpful that she is knowledgeable about various aspects of e-commerce and web-savvy as well. I would highly recommend Amanda’s writing work to anyone.” 

--Michael R., SEO Project Manager at 180 Marketing

Someone from our care team will be in touch soon!

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