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Let's get you (and your biz) organized.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to run a business successfully. You have an incredible vision, big goals, and a work ethic that has got you this far, but likely, as the visionary, you haven't taken the time to get organized or systematize your business. 


Visionaries are proactive with planning the future, but reactive with the internal organization it takes to make the vision a reality.

We want to connect you with a sidekick -- the perfect counterpart to to your big dreams.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel like your business isn't optimized because you can't seem to stay on top of your internal organization?

  • Is your email inbox bursting at the seems but you don't have an organization plan to get on top of it?

  • Are you trying to tackle all sides of your business alone and feeling like you're falling short? You have people helping but no one designated to fill in all the gaps and you're not sure how to manage all the moving parts.

You need a  sidekick.


Homegrown has worked with countless creative high-performers who are "wowed" by our internal organizations and systems within our company. We have organically partnered with several of our clients to help optimize our marketing efforts with them, and now we want to take these services to the next level by offering a 1:1 match of your own organizer...a sidekick!​

What does that mean exactly?

It means that there are many virtual assistants out there who have no one overseeing them. When a contracted VA gets stuck, you might be left with the frustration of having to train them or fix any problems they run into yourself. But we take that burden off of you! We are the support for your sidekick, and we stand by our value of delivering excellence to all of our clients.

Your sidekick  is trained to be the exact companion you've been looking for to stabilize the inner workings of your business and help you to finally feel on-top of the incredible company you have built.

When it comes to our marketing services, we have seen that the biggest obstacles for our clients are...


1. They are too busy to get us what we need to be successful and put our requests (unintentionally) on the backburner


2. They have the best of intentions but approach their business in a reactive way that doesn't work for our marketing efforts (effective marketing is allllll about planning ahead). 

If you don't already have a rockin' assistant...hiring a sidekick will mitigate this problem.


Your sidekick will get our marketing collective what they need and help us all plan in advance so that your company can thrive and fast-track all of your efforts!

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How can a  sidekick  help me?

Email Management

You no longer have to worry about missing an important email or being "too late" in your responses because your sidekick will make sure your email stays organized and you are only brought into the emails that matter most.

Scheduling Services

Does your calendar feel chaotic? Do you know you need to make time for certain things but "time" never seems to be available? Your sidekick will help manage your schedule so you always have time for the important things while allowing for spaciousness to tap into your creative energy!

Project Management

Your ideas need guardrails. Why? Because without organization and boundaries, a lot of your ideas will fall flat or not come to life as fully as they could if your ideas were balanced with organization. You need a plan for implementation and your sidekick will be the logic and details to your next big idea!

System Organization

It takes a village to make.things.happen. but what if your village feels clueless on what their role is in your company? It's likely that you don't have SOPs (standard operating procedures) in place. Systems are so important so you can duplicate and improve on all that you do! Stop feeling like you're always starting from scratch.

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You can keep trying to manage all sides of your business on your own, or you can hire a sidekick to work WITH you and manage the the internal parts of your business so a lack of organization never holds you back again.

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