Are you looking for clear direction to grow your business and share your message?

Ideation. Funnel Strategy. Marketing. Social Media. Client Experience. and MORE!

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Does this sound like you?

-Not implementing consistently because you're full of ideas that aren't keeping the needle moving?

-Feeling directionless because your sweet spot is the product/service NOT the marketing strategy?

-Not sure who exactly it is that you're targeting and not sure how to hone in your messaging?

-Dipping into ALL.THE.THINGS that the experts say instead of figuring out what works for YOUR business and going ALL IN!?

I need help!

You need the help of a marketing coach.


-What would it be like to attract and nurture leads on a regular basis on autopilot?


-How would it feel to not be worried all the time that you're leaving money on the table OR that you're not reaching the right people with your message because you know you have systems in place sharing your message for you?


-Can you imagine finally feeling like your marketing is something to feel CONFIDENT about?


I want this!
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Access To Expert Feedback

Working with a coach gives you an expert to look at your business and give you customized and specific insight and feedback in real-time.

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A Plan That Works

When you work with a coach, you will learn what isn't working, have a plan for how to fix things that should be working better, and hear opportunities and ideas you haven't thought about before!

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Fast-Track Your Full-Potential

With a marketing coach on your team, you can stay in your sweet spot and trust the marketing plan and strategy to the experts. This allows you to get on a path towards truly operating your business at its full potential!

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Meet Your Coach:


Hi! I'm Amanda Foust.


I became a coach because I am the woman who sees people for everything they were created to be and it's my mission to pull that out of them and help them reach their full potential. I'm also the woman who is constantly learning and sharing what I'm learning with those around me so that they can grow!

I am the CEO of two companies...a coaching business called High-Performance Insider and a marketing/copywriting biz called The Homegrown Writing Collective. It's because of my experience in these two businesses that I decided I needed to bring both of them together.

So, I combined my 6+ years of experience coaching CEOs and entrepreneurs with my experience helping businesses put the systems and sales funnels in place to grow their companies. I'm excited to bring you a taste of working with a marketing coach through a VIP Marketing Day.

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"Working with Amanda has been a dream! It's so rare to find someone who can not only master the task but also take your vision to the next level. Amanda thinks big, produces quality content, and provides exceptional service."

"Amanda did a great job at quickly getting to the heart of my business's needs."

“Working with Amanda has literally launched me into a world of prosperity and purpose beyond what I thought possible. I believe true potential can only be hit when we tackle both our personal and professional lives as a whole."

When it comes to, memberships, and templates are great tools, but you are missing something...


They aren't designed with YOUR specific business in mind.


You need an expert who has YOUR BUSINESS'S best interest at heart!

Coaching Call + Strategic Action Plan


Top features

Get my eyes on your website, sales funnels, or social media accounts (your choice) followed-up with a 4 hour planning day to discuss where you're feeling stuck, strategically come up with an action plan, and clearly map out next steps! After the call, you will receive a strategic action plan outline and two weeks of implementation support from my team to make sure you don't just have a plan, but you have a team of executors!


Are you tired of cookie-cutter marketing strategies?


You need someone to get up close and personal with YOUR business! I can't wait to help you launch a new way of doing business!


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